Magician Sydney James Karp

James Karp is a magician, creative director, producer, the creator of The Magicians Cabaret Theatre Restaurant and The Australian Museum of Magical Arts, Creative Director of the annual Bastille Food, Wine, Art Revolution Festival opening ceremony.

James Karp is one of Australia’s leading magicians with over twenty years experience. His current magic show An Intimate evening of Magic dinner and show, plays weekly at The Magicians Cabaret along with his cabaret dinner show La Fortuna, which was reviewed by Channel Seven The Morning Show as “best in the biz” and voted best three things to do in Sydney by USA celebrity magazine Cliché.. His Le Cabaret show plays at the Bastille festival annually and was reviewed by Channel Nine, The Today Show as “just beautiful”. He is also the president of The Magic Academy, and conducts daily tours at his museum of magic.

James’ magic and creativity has been recognised outside of the magic industry having also produced, directed and consulted for Australian actors, authors, motivational speakers, events for global brands, opening ceremonies, pop music videos, festivals, radio and television. 

Magician Sydney
James Karps work has appeared on Channel Sevens The Morning Show, Channel Nines The Today Show, SBS, 2DAYFM and even for International magician Dynamos Australian magic show promotion to name but a few. 

James magic show is available for private functions. 

“There is magic

People just think too much

Look around less, imagine more

…and the magic will  happen”

                                                                         – James Karp