Sydney Magicians James Karp

James Karp is a magician, producer the creator of The Magicians Cabaret Theatre Restaurant and Creative Director of the World French Festival

James Karp is one of Australia’s leading magicians in Australia. He is the president of The Magic Academy, creator of Australia’s only magic venue The Magicians Cabaret theatre restaurant in Sydney – home to Australia’s longest running magic cabaret dinner show, co founder of Vanish Entertainment and Events group, producer and manager of numerous Australian magicians and creator of the secret underground Australian magic club The Magicians Guild.

Over two decades James Karp has performed as a magician and furthermore has created new genres of magic in Australia.

James’ magic and creativity has been recognised outside of the magic industry having also produced, directed and consulted for Australian actors, authors, motivational speakers, global brands, opening ceremonies, pop music videos, television and corporate entertainment and events.

“There is magic

People just think too much

Look around less, imagine more

…and the magic will  happen”

                                                                         – James Karp